When to Schedule for a Newborn Photo Shoot

newborn photographyAre you expecting your bundle of joy anytime soon? Would you like to schedule for a newborn photo shoot but don’t know when the best time is? Well, scheduling a newborn photo shoot will depend on you and your chosen photographer. You can start looking for a newborn photographer as early as your second trimester or within the same week of your expected due date.

Choose the right newborn photographer

Since this as in important moment in your life and your child, then you will have to choose the right newborn photographer for the job. Most skilled newborn photographers like those from Dulce Baby Photography get hired pretty fast and they only work a few days per week to avoid an overlap of reservations.

You can slowly begin asking for recommendations for a newborn photographer even when you are still in your first trimester of pregnancy. You can list the potential photographers, do a background check, contact each and discuss matters. Once you have chosen a photographer, you can now set a schedule for your session.

Go for the first two weeks

The newborn stage of a baby is the first two weeks of life so you will have to target a photo session within that period. The earlier, the better since a lot of changes may happen in your child’s physical appearance in the first two weeks. The best time is within the first three days of life so the innocence, charm and original beauty of your child can be captured. In the future, your child can see the newborn pictures and will appreciate your effort in giving importance to this special moment in his/her life.

Here are some important tips when discussing a schedule with the newborn photo taker.

  1. Inform the photographer of your expected due date

Your newborn photographer should be aware of when you are expecting to deliver. Most photographers will set themselves available for your reserved session within the next two weeks of your EDD. You can just call him/her to set a final schedule once you gave birth. Make sure to discuss how flexible the reservation is.

  1. Learn how many sessions are scheduled

Some photographers particularly those who focus on newborn photo sessions limit the number of reservations or work only for a few days per week. They want to be ready for any possible call from those who reserved their services.

  1. Ask for specific instructions

If you are expecting your firstborn child, then you surely have few ideas on what to expect for the session. It is best to ask for suggestions and tips from your photographer on what to bring, how to prepare your newborn, what time during the day is best to have the session and how many hours the session will last. Newborns are often asleep but you still need to learn how to set them in the mood for the session. A newborn child in a deep sleep will be easier for a photographer to handle during a pictorial.

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