What is RAW mode and why you should use it on your camera

Are you a photographer? Well, you probably have heard several times that you should be shooting your images in RAW mode. But what exactly is RAW? Why is it so important that you should use it whenever you want to take a photo? What does it mean for your images? Let’s take a look at what is RAW mode and why you should use it on your camera for better results.

So, what exactly is RAW mode?

This is basically a file format made to capture the image data that’s recorded by a sensor the minute you take a photo. Unlike the JPEG format where information is compressed then lost, RAW gives you an opportunity to correct all your images that would have otherwise proven unrecoverable. This means that you are guaranteed of high quality images every time. The good thing is that many cameras that are produced these days come with this feature, which you can take advantage of and enjoy its many benefits.

Why Use RAW Mode?

There are many benefits why photographers and hobbyists should stop using JPEG format and begin using the RAW mode. Here are some of the major reasons:

1. Enjoy Highest Level of Quality

Firstly, when you shoot in RAW, you will have all the data recorded, giving you the highest quality file. What happens with regular cameras is that they do their own processing when you shoot in JPEG format so that they can convert the already available RAW information right into a JPEG. Now this is different with RAW mode: you are able to do the processing yourself, which means you can make a decision and determine how you want your images to appear, and produce great results.

2. Easily correct under/over exposed images

You want o achieve the best exposure for your camera, right? You can now correct under/over exposed images with RAW mode because you already have access to additional information. The beauty of it is that you can recover more clipped shadows and blown highlights, which is definitely great for your end result.

3. Have greater levels when it comes to brightness

Level of brightness basically means the number of steps that’s recorded from black all the way to white in your images. The more levels you have, the more the chances of getting smoother transition in tones. While JPEG records only 256 levels, RAW records between an incredible 4,096 and 16,384 levels, meaning that you can make more adjustments in terms of blacks, exposure, fill light, contrast, recovery and brightness.

4. Have better detail

Shooting in RAW gives you a chance to access noise and sharpening algorithms in programs that are better and more powerful compared to those in your camera. These features are also improving with time, meaning that in future you can easily re-visit your RAW files and make your images better.

5. Adjust the white balance easily

With RAW, the white balance gets recorded and is applied to your images just like JPEG, but since you have access to more data, it becomes easy to adjust. Color and Great white balance are essential when it comes to a great image. RAW gives you the chance to make adjustments faster as you wish for better results.

Whether you are an experienced photographer or just a hobbyist, you can take advantage of RAW mode and become a pro in taking high quality images. You get better prints and files, which is definitely a good deal for your career or hobby.

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