Top 3 Camera Lenses Beginners Should Have

camera lensOne of the best features of DSLR cameras is their ability to change lenses. A DSLR user can attach different types of lenses on his/ her unit depending to achieve his/her desired shots. Individuals who bought a digital SLR for personal purpose won’t worry much on what lens to buy. On the other hand, those who plan to buy and use it for professional work will surely need time to research and think before buying.

Lenses differ by size, purpose and prices. Some are shot while others are long. There are lenses that are ideal for wedding photography while there are lenses that are best for sports photography or landscape photography. There is surely a lens that will fit your type of photography.

For beginner photographers who are still planning to buy their first DSLR, they will notice that most cameras today are available in a kit. There are so-called kit lenses that come with the camera body that a buyer purchases. You can check out the many wonderful DSLR kits offered by known companies like Canon and Nikon and see what lens comes with the camera body. Some kits include 2 lenses while others only one.

If you don’t have much money to buy another one, you can stick with your kits lens and continuously practice before getting another one. Once you can already purchase another lens, choose one that suits your chosen form of photographer. There are lenses though that are highly recommended for beginners. These DSLR lenses can be used by most beginners no matter what type of photography they are into. Even those who are into cake smash photography will find these lenses helpful.

  1. Prime lens (between 50mm – 85mm)

A prime lens is a lens that has a fixed length so it cannot be zoomed in if you want to take a closer shot. The images you capture using a 50mm prime lens is usually of the same size as what you normally see with your eyes. You won’t have to worry about possible “noise” created in your images. You only need to get as close as you can to your subject and compose the scene before shooting. The common prime lenses are 50 and 85 mm.

  1. Telephoto zoom lens

A telephoto zoom lens allows a photographer to shoot even from afar. It is best for wedding photographers who want to discreetly take shots or even for street and sports photographers who want to take shots from a distance. Telephoto zoom lenses are between 70 to 300mm in length. Longer lenses of course are heavier and more expensive so you will need to consider your budget when buying one.

  1. Macro lens

A macro lens is used by most photographers in taking close up shots of their subject. Newborn photographers take close up shots of the newborn’s chubby cheeks, tiny fingers, kissable lips or small fingers. Wedding photographers take shots of special wedding items to make them appear bigger, clearer and more detailed. Other photographers who are into nature or even animal photography like to take close up shots of tiny insects which appear in bigger in pictures.

The above-mentioned types of lenses are surely helpful for beginners like you who are still trying to gain more skills and experience. Just practice in shooting pictures as often as you can until you become a professional, skilled photographer.

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