Tips on Capturing the Best Garden Wedding Photos

garden wedding photographyWeddings are held in different locations and various setups. The wedding venue as well as the theme will be decided by the engaged couple depending on their kind of dream wedding. Some prefer the traditional indoor setup while other couples chose an unconventional outdoor location. There are weddings held by the beach and there are those done outdoors like a garden wedding.

A garden wedding is preferred by some couples for many reasons. One reason is the great background where the couple’s photographer can surely get awesome wedding shots. There is no need to put too many decors since the garden itself creates relaxing, beautiful scenery for the wedding.

Even wedding photographers London love taking pictures during a garden wedding. They feel that there is less to no need to manipulate the scene just to make the pictures look awesome. There are many spots that the wedding photographer can choose for the couple and their guests to strike a pose during formal portrait sessions before the wedding ceremony.

Like other forms of outdoor photography, a wedding photographer will be presented with some challenges when taking shots at a garden wedding. For amateur photographers who will cover a garden wedding for the first time, you need to be prepared for such so you can produce the best garden wedding pictures.

Here are some tips for wedding photographers on how to capture the best garden wedding photos.

  1. Use reflector and diffuser to bounce off or soften too much light

When the wedding is set at midday or at an hour where sunlight is too harsh, you can bounce it off using a reflector. You can also choose to soften the natural sunlight by using a diffuser like a snap-on diffuser.

  1. Find a shaded spot

If the wedding is set in the late afternoon, then you won’t have any problem with outdoor light. But then, if the wedding is going to be held at midday or when the sun is too bright, then it is best to plan ahead on where to position the couple when taking portrait shots. Find shaded spots within the venue. If you are unfamiliar with the wedding location, then it is best to scout the place a day or two before the scheduled wedding so you can better prepare.

  1. Set your camera right

There are settings and modes in your camera that is best for outdoor shooting. Make sure that you familiarize your camera first so you can set it to the right levels specifically for taking pictures outdoors. Additionally, during the wedding, you must check the exposure level from time to time and adjust whenever you deem necessary so the images will not look underexposed or overexposed.

  1. Practice shooting

You can produce better garden wedding photos if you spend time shooting outdoors before the wedding. You can try shooting in your own garden or scout the wedding location and practice shooting pictures.

A garden already offers a wonderful background for your wedding photos. Make sure to take advantage of this great scenery in producing garden wedding photos that will impress the newlywed couple.

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