Photographing A Wedding With An iPhone

Years ago, taking photos on a mobile phone seemed unthinkable, considering the low quality that phone cameras had at that time. Nowadays, many people are now taking more photos over their phones rather than their digital cameras as technology has made it possible for phones to match the image quality, if not exceed, that of digital cameras.

In my case, I have found myself using my phone more in my photography, especially for taking casual shots that I do more often, while I still use my regular DSLR to if I want to capture more detailed or artistic photos. Besides, a phone is more handy for me to carry around for casual photography.

The phone I’m using by the way is an iPhone 5s, which I have found to be very good in taking photos with its true-tone flash that provides really good low-light performance and its burst mode which helps me take action shots better.


But recently, I found myself taking the capabilities of my iPhone’s camera to the limit when I was invited to attend a friend’s wedding. I originally intended to use my DSLR to take photos of that memorable moment. Unfortunately, my DSLR had to undergo repairs at a local camera shop.  Thus, I was left with no choice but let my iPhone do the job.


For this job, I made sure to bring some extra tools for the job. Considering the iPhone’s battery life, I brought two chargers: a regular one and a portable one to make sure I don’t lose power in the middle of the event. I also brought a special tripod mount for my iPhone (and a tripod of course) just in case.

I also used some special lenses that can be attached to my iPhone to maximize and extend its capabilities when it falls short on its own. I have a wide angle/macro lens, fisheye lens that I could use for some fun shots, telephoto lens to extend the zoom capabilities of my iPhone, and a polarizer lens which helps reduce glare on my photos that is caused by sunlight.


The wedding I attended was a garden wedding covered by Mark Seymour Photography, so during the ceremony we were outdoors where the lighting present is a natural one coming from the sun. Apart from the polarizer lens, I also made use of my iPhone’s built-in HDR function to balance the exposure of the shots. If you are not keen on using the iPhone’s built-in HDR, there are also 3rd party apps available that provide HDR functionality to your phone.


Speaking of apps, I also have a number of iOS camera apps on my phone that help improve my built-in camera’s performance, depending on the need and situation. Camera+ and Procamera provide better exposure control and wider angles. Slow Shutter Can is also another good app that control’s the phone’s shutter speed so you can create artistic DSLR-quality photos. These apps are helpful especially if you have do not have any special lenses available.

And being someone who is guilty of having shaky hands at times when I hold the camera, my iPhone being connected to the tripod via a special tripod mount helped lessen those blurry shots I tend to take from time to time. Plus, this special setup also allows me to take more creative shots, something I would not gotten under the regular setup.

As I noted earlier, I made sure I got things covered, especially with regards to my phone’s battery life. But apart from the extra chargers, I made it a point to disable unnecessary apps running in the background to save battery life. Another important thing I did was to turn off the cellular signal of my phone so I would be able to take photos without being interrupted by phone call that would ruin the moment, so to speak.


The tools may be different but the same rules in photography apply. Composition still plays an important part in the photo. As a photographer, I make sure the photos I take with my phone have those qualities, regardless of the phone’s limitations.

And sometimes, knowing your phone’s limitations also helps spur one’s creativity, trying to go around those limitation with creative solutions that will turn out just as nice as they would if taken by a regular camera.


Once I was done, I was ready to process the photos I’ve taken. I managed to process and upload some of them to social media accounts like Instagram and applied some artistic filters when necessary. For the other photos, I edited them on my computer before uploading them to make sure they would turn out ok.

Overall, it was a unique but satisfying experience to have been able to extensively use my iPhone to cover an entire wedding. While the quality may not match that of a photo taken by a DSLR, the output is still very good and in some cases, looked better with the iPhone. In the end though, what matters more is that your camera gets to capture the priceless memories a wedding brings about, whether it’s a DSLR or an iPhone.

Tips on Buying That First Camera

People who are trying to start out in photography often stumble at the first question every new photographer faces to answer: what camera should I use? And with so many possible answers to this question, people can get too overwhelmed or confused that would not know where to start now.

We believe that we should not complicate things as far as important choices that have to be made are concerned. We also believe that such questions require a more well-thought out answer based on one’s skill, experience, and preferences rather than a simple shout out for a preferred camera model. Thus, we have put together a list of questions which are things one should take into consideration in choosing for that first camera.

First: Ask yourself how serious are you going to be in getting into photography

Buying a camera is itself a major investment for some people. This is especially for those who are looking into becoming professional photographers, those who would be making a living out of photography. if you are one of those who are looking at becoming such a pro photographer, it is better to look at more advanced cameras to suit your photography needs as well as for your business. If you’re looking into going into photography as a hobby, you may not need an expensive camera, but your camera has to be good to capture quality photographs.

camera-616396_1280 (1)

Second: Check out what other photographers use

Now that you’ve determined how you will be seeing yourself as a photographer, the next step would be to check with other professionals or hobbyists the photos they have taken as to what cameras they use especially to take time. You may not end up using the same camera as someone like an edinburgh wedding photographer would have, especially if the unit is priced at a rate you cannot afford, but it would at least give you an idea of the type of camera to go for as far as the brand and some of the features are concerned. Which brings us to…

Third: Determine the features you would be needing for your camera based on your needs

Many cameras have their own unique features that make them stand out in the market. If you are someone who is looking for a lot of features in the camera, especially advanced features, you should be prepared to shell out more money for such cameras. If your budget is limited though, it is a good opportunity still for you to sit down and determine what you be needing for your camera to have rather what you would want. Do you see yourself going online a lot making it necessary for your camera to have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity? Would you be doing a lot of video thus the need for an external microphone jack? Ask yourself how you will be using your camera and from there you can make a good assessment on what features to look for in your camera.

camera lens

Fourth: Check your budget

This is something that has been harped on a number of times here, which just shows how budget plays an important role in choosing your camera. Even if you have narrowed down your choices after making the first three aforementioned considerations, you should still look at the choices you have and see which provide the many features you are looking for within the budget you have set in place to buy that camera. There may be instances where you have to make some adjustments and concessions based on the budget, but what is important is that your ultimate camera would be something you would be enjoying to use.

Top 3 Camera Lenses Beginners Should Have

camera lensOne of the best features of DSLR cameras is their ability to change lenses. A DSLR user can attach different types of lenses on his/ her unit depending to achieve his/her desired shots. Individuals who bought a digital SLR for personal purpose won’t worry much on what lens to buy. On the other hand, those who plan to buy and use it for professional work will surely need time to research and think before buying.

Lenses differ by size, purpose and prices. Some are shot while others are long. There are lenses that are ideal for wedding photography while there are lenses that are best for sports photography or landscape photography. There is surely a lens that will fit your type of photography.

For beginner photographers who are still planning to buy their first DSLR, they will notice that most cameras today are available in a kit. There are so-called kit lenses that come with the camera body that a buyer purchases. You can check out the many wonderful DSLR kits offered by known companies like Canon and Nikon and see what lens comes with the camera body. Some kits include 2 lenses while others only one.

If you don’t have much money to buy another one, you can stick with your kits lens and continuously practice before getting another one. Once you can already purchase another lens, choose one that suits your chosen form of photographer. There are lenses though that are highly recommended for beginners. These DSLR lenses can be used by most beginners no matter what type of photography they are into. Even those who are into cake smash photography will find these lenses helpful.

  1. Prime lens (between 50mm – 85mm)

A prime lens is a lens that has a fixed length so it cannot be zoomed in if you want to take a closer shot. The images you capture using a 50mm prime lens is usually of the same size as what you normally see with your eyes. You won’t have to worry about possible “noise” created in your images. You only need to get as close as you can to your subject and compose the scene before shooting. The common prime lenses are 50 and 85 mm.

  1. Telephoto zoom lens

A telephoto zoom lens allows a photographer to shoot even from afar. It is best for wedding photographers who want to discreetly take shots or even for street and sports photographers who want to take shots from a distance. Telephoto zoom lenses are between 70 to 300mm in length. Longer lenses of course are heavier and more expensive so you will need to consider your budget when buying one.

  1. Macro lens

A macro lens is used by most photographers in taking close up shots of their subject. Newborn photographers take close up shots of the newborn’s chubby cheeks, tiny fingers, kissable lips or small fingers. Wedding photographers take shots of special wedding items to make them appear bigger, clearer and more detailed. Other photographers who are into nature or even animal photography like to take close up shots of tiny insects which appear in bigger in pictures.

The above-mentioned types of lenses are surely helpful for beginners like you who are still trying to gain more skills and experience. Just practice in shooting pictures as often as you can until you become a professional, skilled photographer.

How to Choose the Best Location for my Family Portrait

family portrait photographyTaking family portraits is one of the well-loved types of photography by professional photographers as well as average photo shooters. It is not that surprising though since most of us certainly love creating memories together and capturing these on camera makes it even better. We long for pictures that will reflect our closeness as a family and these photos also reflect how much each one has changed over the years.

A family portrait session is usually done once or twice a year by families who want to document their family’s growth over the years. These family portraits are usually displayed on their walls while some are kept meticulously in a family album. Even though most of us have cameras or smart phones that we can use to take pictures of our family but then we prefer to hire a professional to do it because we are aware they can do it much better.

We look for a family portrait photographer that we feel can help us achieve our goal of getting a family portrait that we can proudly show to other people. We feel a certain sense of belongingness every time we view the wonderful family portraits that this family portrait photographer will deliver to us.

Now, how do you choose a location for your family portrait? Well, there are many places where you can have the shoot but the highly recommended locations are the following:

  1. Favorite family spot or special places

The special place can be your family’s favorite beach resort, restaurant or vacation house. Think of the places where your kids love to go or the location where you enjoy doing your family’s favorite pastime. Try to contact the venue owners and ask permission for a photo shoot. Ben Larpent who is into natural wedding photography can also give you suggestion on what the best spots are.

  1. Your own home

Yes you can have it in your own house which can make family members feel more comfortable. It can be indoors or outdoors depending on your own choice as well as what your photographer will suggest. If the shoot will be taken during midday, it will be best to have it indoors. You can have the shoot in the living room or in your child’s playroom.  If you prefer outdoors, then set up the garden and schedule it late afternoon when the sun is not too bright.

  1. Park or open area

Parks are a favorite among portrait photographers. The shaded areas with some open spots make it easier for portrait photographers to compose their shots and control the light as needed. Kids also generally love being in a park so you will most likely get more natural, candid shots of you and your kids having fun at this location.

Your choice of location will have a huge impact on how your family portrait will look. Most photographers like wedding photographer essex suggest choosing a location that is very significant to the whole family and which they will treasure forever.

Tips for Creating Memorable Family Portraits

family portraitIt is somehow difficult to accept that oftentimes we forget to focus on the present because we are too busy thinking about the future for our family. All of a sudden you would be surprised that all your three babies are already in college or at present have their own respective families.

Moments in our lives happen fast and the best way to keep and reminisce these precious moments is through pictures. Looking at family portraits can make you feel good and proud of where you came from. Some of us display our family portraits in the living room so visitors can see the members of our family.

By having family portrait sessions yearly or regularly, you can compare and notice the change in your kids, your spouse and yourself.  You can monitor things that happen among members of your family through pictures. Say for example a new grandchild was born or your child got married so a new member has arrived, it is time to take pictures with the new members in it.

A family portrait taken at least once a year is certainly important and to attain the perfect family portrait, here are some helpful tips.

  1. Schedule a photo session that is agreeable to all

Family members are busy with different things. Some are busy at work while others are in school or something else. You need to schedule the portrait session on a national holiday or on a weekend so everybody can possible join. Convince them of how important a family portrait is. If you do this frequently, they will realize its importance and will exert more effort to join in.

  1. Plan on what to wear

Talk among one another what color clothing should you wear. Well-coordinated colors will certainly make your family portrait look great. You can either choose different shades from one color palette only or choose 2 to 3 colors and assign who will wear what color.

  1. Dress appropriately

There are clothes that can make one look bigger or stand out from the rest. Suggest that everybody avoid wearing clothes that are too bright or have large prints. Too bright or too much print can take away the viewers’ attention from the persons wearing such.  It is best also for women to avoid wearing sleeveless blouse for their arms might look bigger in the pictures and they surely won’t like it. Photographer Berkshire gives this advice to clients.

  1. Talk to the portrait photographer

It is important to ask questions to your portrait photographer so you will know what to expect and how to prepare better. Your photographer hampshire can give more helpful advice on how you and the whole family will look good in your family portrait.

A family portrait session is usually difficult to organize because each member is busy. Hence, whenever you get the chance to schedule a photo session, exert more effort to inform, convince and gather every family member. Make your family portrait look awesome and the whole photo experience worth remembering.


How Do I Get Started in Landscape Photography?

landscape photographyEach time we go to a new country or location, we marvel at the beautiful landscapes that we see. We right away grab our camera and take shots because we want to capture the beauty that surrounds us. But then, later, much to our dismay, the images we got are not as magnificent as we expected them to be.

Well, this just goes to show that landscape photography is not easy. You need to have the knowledge of landscape photography to be able to capture wonderful landscape pictures. Furthermore, you can only master landscape photography if you continuously practice and learn techniques on how to produce those magnificent images.

If you love photographing your surroundings and aspire to become a professional landscape photographer, then here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Shoot in RAW

Try to ask experienced photographers on whether they like to shoot in RAW and for sure most of them will say that shooting RAW is better than jpeg. With jpeg the camera will electronically process the image while in RAW you get to control or edit how you want the final landscape image to look like.

There are plenty of photo editing software that you can use for editing the skies, foreground and other highlights of your landscape to bring out its utmost beauty. This wedding photographer surrey is already skilled in using a photo editing software for post-production. Check out his website.

  1. Buy a tripod

Tripod can give support and stability to your camera. With a tripod, there will be less to no camera shakes and the images will appear sharp. You can also better compose your shot if you don’t have to carry your camera all the time.  Photographers of Christopher Martin Photography are aware of useful a tripod is and so they always bring it with them.

  1. Choose low ISO

By setting your camera to a low ISO such as 100, the landscapes will be appear more detailed and less noise will reflect on the images.

  1. Shoot during the golden hours

Photographers are aware how light can affect our images. Too much light is not great so we tend to diffuse it while too little light can make our images dark. The best light is of course the natural light coming from the sun. You can get the right quality of light when you shoot outdoors during the golden hours. Golden hours are an hour before the sun rises and an hour before the sun sets down.

  1. Use manual auto focus

Instead of setting your camera to autofocus, choose manual auto focus. Chances are your camera might wrongly choose a focal point. It is best to have control on what the focal point of the landscape is so sharper images are produced.

  1. Use a small aperture setting

A small aperture setting such as f/16 and f/22 are ideal for landscape photography so the entire scene will be in focus. You can try to experiment and practice with different aperture setting so you will understand and know how you can take more unique landscape shots.

There’s so much more to learn about landscape photography. With patience, determination and passion you can surely master this form of photography in no time.


What Makes a Family Photo Session Important?

family portraitDo you keep a family picture in your wallet? Do you have a family portrait picture on your wall? Well, most if not all of us, consider our family as our greatest treasure. Seeing them in one picture makes us feel happy and loved. At times, when we are alone and away from them, we get strength by looking at our family portrait. We feel their presence through the picture that we keep and stare at every now and then.

Family moments are always fun and enjoyable. We surely don’t want these moments to get by fast that is why most of us take pictures of our loved ones from times to time. Days also pass by quick and a lot of changes happen. If you want to make and store memories with your family, then a family photo session would be a good move. Pictures taken by professionals will surely look more amazing. Sligo wedding photographers love seeing families gather together for a photo shoot during a wedding or on a different occasion.

There are families who do it yearly so they can compare the pictures and see the difference in each member every year. You will be surprised with how your kids have grown over the years or how the physical appearance of a family member has changed. It will be a pleasure to capture images of these changes and be able to reminisce the wonderful moments.

A family portrait is more than just a souvenir item. It is something very valuable and worth keeping. Whenever you schedule a family photo session, it is like a family gathering wherein you can spend time to bond and keep up with what’s happening to each one.

Here are the best reasons why a family portrait session is important.

  1. It is a good bonding time

Schedule a family portrait at least 3 months before the desired date. Choose a holiday or a weekend date so there’s a huge possibility that most members can join. It will be a great time to talk and keep up with what’s happening in one another’s lives. Even yorkshire wedding photographer finds this shoot very important.

  1. It gives us a sense of pride and belonging

Placing a family picture on our wall makes us feel that we belong in a group who will forever be together no matter what happens. It makes us proud of where we came from and how we will grow together. Show to younger members how important it is to be proud of your heritage and how you can pass this on to next generations.

  1. It can relive moments

These family portraits tell different stories of what we’ve been through as a family. You can share these pictures to your grand kids or great grandchildren. It can also be a good way to introduce to the kids the family members who they were not able to meet because they’re no longer around.

Push it a bit and find time for this family photo shoot. It can be with your own (immediate) family or with all other relatives up to the third degree. It will surely be fun, momentous and worth keeping for a lifetime.


Have You Ever Thought About Night-time Landscape Photography?

night-time landscape photographyHow much do you know about Photography? Do you consider yourself an expert on it? Well, photography is a broad subject that covers different topics that photo enthusiasts can learn and get into.

There are forms of photography that an aspiring photographer can choose from. The most common ones are wedding photography, newborn photography and landscape photography. Now, have you ever thought of getting into night-time landscape photography?

Well, as we all know, landscape photography deals with the beauty of the things that surround us. Most landscape photographers shoot during the “golden hour” – which is an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, while others shoot anytime of the day.  Right now, another sub-type of landscape photography that landscape photographers are getting into is night-time landscape.

In night-time landscape photography, a professional photographer shoots in the evening when there is almost no light. And since light is important in photography, then this night-time landscape photography is somewhat unique and unusual.

Preparation and a lot of practice are critical for a landscape photographer to get the remarkable shots he wants. Night-time landscape photos though are really striking and amazing to look at. Even Kent Wedding Photographer likes to view these landscape photos.

If you are interested to know more about night-time landscape photography, then here are some information and tips that you ought to know.

  1. A tripod is necessary in night-time landscape photography because it can provide your camera the stability to avoid camera shakes and for your camera to perform better in low light.
  2. The best location for this type of photography is in the countryside or in a rural area. This is because in the city there are plenty of lights coming from buildings and traffic lights which can make your picture look overexposed.
  3. Bring an artificial source of light like a flashlight or headlamp. You can use this light source to illuminate the foreground and more depth to your image.
  4. Shoot in slow shutter speed. A slow shutter speed can allow more light to get in and since it is dark you need to have the most light you can get. Wedding photographer Bristol agrees with this.
  5. Use a remote release to control your camera. A remote release can help you easily control your camera and click it whenever you want without having to move the camera on the tripod. Less camera movement can give you sharper images.
  6. Turn off auto focus and don’t use your cameras flash. Flash is useless when shooting at night so it is best to turn it off. Additionally, it is better to shoot in manual focus so you can have more control over your subject.
  7. Always bring extra batteries for your camera. Long exposure in this type of photography can result to battery drain so make your batteries are all fully charged.

Night time landscape photography is truly interesting, fun and challenging. It takes preparation, experience and determination to succeed in this type of photography.  If you are really interested, then go and give it your best shot.

Have You Ever Considered Hiring an Event Photographer

event photographyFrom time to time, we get to organize or attend different events like birthday parties, company events, anniversaries and graduation. All these events are important to us and we want to remember every special moment that happened in those events.

One way to keep memories of these events is to hire an event photographer like sligo wedding photographer to take shots. An event photographer can give you digital and hard copies of these wonderful pictures. We can save these pictures and later reminisce the moments just by looking at them.

If you are in doubt on whether to hire an event photographer or not, then here are some reasons you should consider hiring an event photographer:

  1. An event photographer has the skills and knowledge

Assigning someone who doesn’t have the skills and knowledge in photography can be risky. He or she may not produce brilliant images of the precious moments in the event. An event photographer, on the other hand, knows how to create wonderful images. They know how to adjust their camera’s settings according to the location, how to set up lighting, what pictures to take and many others.

  1. Great pictures can be used as marketing materials

Pictures taken by a professional photographer are surely excellent. Pictures taken from a company event can be used as marketing material of your company. Additionally, pictures taken from birthday parties and other personal events can be attached in cards, calendars and even shared online with friends.

  1. Pictures can tell a fantastic story of the entire event

Like wedding photos by wedding photographer nottingham that can narrate a wonderful love story, event photos can also tell how memorable and fantastic the whole event was.  An event photographer knows what pictures to take and what moments to capture.

  1. Professional photographers capture feelings and emotions

The extensive experience of a professional event photographer helps them a lot in determining what part or which moment to capture. They also know how to best capture the feelings and emotions of their subject. This will give you an assurance that great pictures will be captured and saved. These pictures can be stored for a lifetime.

  1. You get to focus on the event itself

Having an event photographer around can help you focus on the event itself. You don’t have to worry whether your boss talking in front was photographed or whether group shots of the special guests were taken. You can enjoy the party and mingle with important people.

Hiring an event photographer can help take away from you the burden of capturing memories. These event photographers know what they are doing so leave it to them. Make sure though that you hire a really experienced event photographer so you can get the best pictures that you can cherish for a lifetime.

A trip in to the Hawaii Rainforests

Many tourists first thoughts about Hawaii are our wonderful beeches, or exciting car chases along Waikiki Beach Hawaii-Five-O style.

Of course the Islands that make up Hawaii are very diverse, and each individual island also offers lots of different opportunities for photographers.

For street photographers, the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach is a major attraction – you can sit and people watch all day long and the photography opportunities are immense.

For landscape photographers we have our volcanoes, our sea scapes and what I want to talk about today our rain-forests.

This weekend my friend Matt and I took a camping trip up to the beautiful rainforest area high in the mountains close to where I live.  We parked the car at one of the many parking areas and headed off following the well marked trails around the area.  Matt knew where he was heading – seeking out a beautiful lagoon he used to swim in as a child.

After a one hour long trek in ridiculous humidity we finally found his hidden lagoon – as we walked around the path and the view came into site we discovered a few other locals knew the area well and were diving into the lagoon from about 50 feet up on the nearby cliff – crazy kids I would never do that LOL

Any here are some of the photography from our trek – I hope you agree it is indeed a beautiful sight.

Hawaii Island Images Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2011 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2012 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2013 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2029 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2061 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2073