How to Choose the Best Location for my Family Portrait

family portrait photographyTaking family portraits is one of the well-loved types of photography by professional photographers as well as average photo shooters. It is not that surprising though since most of us certainly love creating memories together and capturing these on camera makes it even better. We long for pictures that will reflect our closeness as a family and these photos also reflect how much each one has changed over the years.

A family portrait session is usually done once or twice a year by families who want to document their family’s growth over the years. These family portraits are usually displayed on their walls while some are kept meticulously in a family album. Even though most of us have cameras or smart phones that we can use to take pictures of our family but then we prefer to hire a professional to do it because we are aware they can do it much better.

We look for a family portrait photographer that we feel can help us achieve our goal of getting a family portrait that we can proudly show to other people. We feel a certain sense of belongingness every time we view the wonderful family portraits that this family portrait photographer will deliver to us.

Now, how do you choose a location for your family portrait? Well, there are many places where you can have the shoot but the highly recommended locations are the following:

  1. Favorite family spot or special places

The special place can be your family’s favorite beach resort, restaurant or vacation house. Think of the places where your kids love to go or the location where you enjoy doing your family’s favorite pastime. Try to contact the venue owners and ask permission for a photo shoot. Ben Larpent who is into natural wedding photography can also give you suggestion on what the best spots are.

  1. Your own home

Yes you can have it in your own house which can make family members feel more comfortable. It can be indoors or outdoors depending on your own choice as well as what your photographer will suggest. If the shoot will be taken during midday, it will be best to have it indoors. You can have the shoot in the living room or in your child’s playroom.  If you prefer outdoors, then set up the garden and schedule it late afternoon when the sun is not too bright.

  1. Park or open area

Parks are a favorite among portrait photographers. The shaded areas with some open spots make it easier for portrait photographers to compose their shots and control the light as needed. Kids also generally love being in a park so you will most likely get more natural, candid shots of you and your kids having fun at this location.

Your choice of location will have a huge impact on how your family portrait will look. Most photographers like wedding photographer essex suggest choosing a location that is very significant to the whole family and which they will treasure forever.

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