Common Wedding Videography Mistakes

wedding videographyWedding videography is another option that couples can get for their wedding to preserve the memories of this special day. They can hire a wedding videographer who can record the events in their wedding so they have something to watch later on and even years after. Couples get to see what had happened in their wedding from another person’s viewpoint.

There are many videographers out there who offer their services to engaged couples. If you happen to be among those who are currently looking for one, then for sure you find it difficult to pick one to hire for your wedding. Not all videographers are good as they seem to be. Some are still amateurs who are still struggling to become great at wedding videography. This is not a problem though as long as the amateur videographer is really learning a lot and knows what to do and what to avoid.

Wedding videography mistakes are often committed by new wedding videographers (and even some professionals). These must be avoided in order for the wedding video coverage to be really successful and for the couple’s expectations to be satisfied. If you are an amateur videographer who wants to know the things to avoid doing when covering a wedding, then here are some common wedding videography mistakes you should know and avoid.

  1. Not incorporating the wedding theme

Some videographers forget to include the wedding theme when producing the video. The wedding video will then appear boring and similar to all other videos.

The wedding theme should be one of your bases when planning on how to produce the video. Consider incorporating the wedding theme into the video. Let’s say take shots of the themed-wedding decors, flowers and similar stuff before recording the wedding ceremony. A wedding video will end up more personalized and unique if you incorporate the theme.

  1. Forgetting to get all details from the couple

Asking about the time, date and theme of the wedding is not enough. There are wedding videographers who don’t bother asking the couple what they want and expect to be in the video. As a responsible wedding videographer, you need to sit down with the client, ask for important wedding details including what parts they want you to cover. Videographers of Boutique Wedding Films always discuss everything with the client. If you think you need a copy of the wedding flow or the wedding moments they want captured, then request for one.

  1. Accepting too many projects in a month

There are videographers who believe that their skills are enough for them to cover a lot of weddings in one month. They think that as long as they get chosen to work on a wedding project they should grab the opportunity. Well, that is definitely wrong and counterproductive. Remember that you still need to spend hours editing one video and if you accept too many projects, you will be forced to try finishing a video fast. The wedding video will most likely end up terrible.

  1. Shooting under direct sunlight

While natural light is important in photography as well as videography, posing the couple under direct sunlight won’t look good in the videos. They will end squinting and feeling uncomfortable. This is another common mistake that must be avoided when shooting a video. Try to look for some shade or use an accessory to diffuse or bounce off light.

Try to avoid making these mistakes and continue honing your skills. For sure, you will become a great wedding videographer someday.

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