A trip in to the Hawaii Rainforests

Many tourists first thoughts about Hawaii are our wonderful beeches, or exciting car chases along Waikiki Beach Hawaii-Five-O style.

Of course the Islands that make up Hawaii are very diverse, and each individual island also offers lots of different opportunities for photographers.

For street photographers, the hustle and bustle of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach is a major attraction – you can sit and people watch all day long and the photography opportunities are immense.

For landscape photographers we have our volcanoes, our sea scapes and what I want to talk about today our rain-forests.

This weekend my friend Matt and I took a camping trip up to the beautiful rainforest area high in the mountains close to where I live.  We parked the car at one of the many parking areas and headed off following the well marked trails around the area.  Matt knew where he was heading – seeking out a beautiful lagoon he used to swim in as a child.

After a one hour long trek in ridiculous humidity we finally found his hidden lagoon – as we walked around the path and the view came into site we discovered a few other locals knew the area well and were diving into the lagoon from about 50 feet up on the nearby cliff – crazy kids I would never do that LOL

Any here are some of the photography from our trek – I hope you agree it is indeed a beautiful sight.

Hawaii Island Images Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2011 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2012 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2013 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2029 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2061 Hawaii-Island-Images_DSC2073


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