5 Major Advantages of Reportage Wedding Photography

wedding photographyIn preparing for a wedding, couples normally decide to hire a wedding photographer to cover their wedding. The wedding photographer will apply a certain wedding photography style that he or the client chose. They will choose from among the many wedding photography styles that are widely used today. One the popular and modern style is the reportage wedding photography.

Reportage wedding photography refers to the candid way of shooting by the wedding photographer during the wedding. The wedding photographer is expected to discreetly take pictures of the couple, their guests and the special moments as they happen. No guest will be asked to pose for the camera and the couple will not be interrupted in any part of the wedding ceremony just to be photographed. The wedding will flow naturally without any intervention or disturbance by a wedding photographer.

Reportage wedding photography is also referred to as documentary or photojournalistic style. The photographer will document the whole wedding event like a reporter but this time his/her output are set of pictures that tells a story of a wonderful, touching, fun or romantic wedding.

Since there are many style of shooting that wedding photographers offer, you might get confused on which one to use. If you are unsure of choosing the reportage style, then here are 5 major advantages of reportage wedding photography that might convince you that it is good choice.

  1. No awkward moments

You should be aware that not all your guests will love to smile or pose for the camera. This makes them feel uncomfortable and awkward especially if they are having fun with other guests and the photographer suddenly interrupts them.

With reportage wedding photography, the wedding photographer can take shots of you and your guests unnoticed. The photographer can use a long lens to photograph you and your guests having fun in your big day.

  1. Capture the best, real moments as they happen

A competent wedding photographer is someone who can display a real story of love and romance. He is expected to capture the best moments of the wedding and create a moving story through pictures compiled in an album

  1. Less time spent

With reportage wedding, there is no manipulation of scenes or posing of subjects which would mean no additional time is spent. The wedding will begin and finish possibly right on time if the wedding photographer will apply the documentary or photojournalistic style.

  1. Less intervention

You will feel more relaxed and focused on the wedding because there is less to no intervention from the photographer. Nobody will call on your name from time to time and make you smile for the camera. You can freely move, participate in the ceremony and have fun entertaining your guests during the wedding party. This is what the clients of Elysian Studios like most about reportage wedding photography.

  1. More natural flow

The flow of events during the wedding will flow naturally when the photographer applies documentary style. It will not appear scripted or manipulated because moments will be captured as they happen. The wedding photos will be mostly candid shots so you can see real emotions and expressions.

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